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Cookie Policy

Last updated: July 18, 2022 2:46 PM

Please read this Cookie Policy before using the https://flg1.wpengine.com Website (the “Website”) operated by City of Flagstaff, a political subdivision of the state of Arizona, United States (hereafter referred to as “us,” “we,” “our”) so that you understand how we use cookies and other tracking technologies, what information is collected about you and how we may use that information. Please also read our Privacy Policy, which provides more information about our privacy practices, your choices and privacy rights.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small piece of data sent from a Website and stored on your device by your browser.

Our collection and classification of cookies

This Website collects the cookies identified below. We have classified the cookies that we collect by the purpose that they serve.

Essential cookies

Essential cookies are cookies that are essential for you to browse this Website and use its features. For example, these cookies may be used for maintaining security, authenticating users, and preventing fraudulent actions. These cookies are enabled by default, and without them, the Website may not be fully functional. This Website collects the following strictly necessary/essential cookies:

  • Usercentrics Consent Management Platform
  • com

Functional cookies

Functional cookies are cookies that allow a Website to remember the choices that you have made in the past and how you use the Website. For example, these cookies may be used for remembering what language you prefer, which pages you clicked on, or what your username and password are so that you can automatically log in to your account. These cookies are disabled by default and will be enabled only if you grant your consent to do so. If you do provide your consent, this Website will collect the following functional cookies:

  • Google Fonts
  • Google Tag Manager
  • jQuery
  • DoubleClick Ad
  • Google Maps
  • Marketing cookies

Marketing cookies are cookies that track your online activity to, for example, help advertisers deliver more relevant advertisements or to limit how many times you see an advertisement. This Website does not collect any marketing cookies.

Your choices regarding cookies

You have certain choices when it comes to the placing of cookies on your device. You may choose to accept or deny any functional or marketing cookies. If you consent to the use of these cookies but would then like to withdraw your consent, you may do so at any time through our cookie consent tool, which can be found on the Website’s home page. You can control your cookie choices using the following means:

  • Through our cookie consent tool, where you can select the categories of cookies that you allow to be placed on your device and withdraw that consent; and
  • Through your browser, where you can instruct it to delete or refuse cookies. You can visit the help center of your browser, the “Tools”, “Edit”, or “Help” pages to set your cookie preferences and delete cookies. We also encourage you to visit aboutcookies.org to learn more about how to opt out of cookies.

Changes to Cookie Policy

This Cookie Policy may be changed or amended over time. Therefore, you should read the Cookie Policy each time you access the Website.

Favorite cookies

Our favorite cookies are lemon bars!  You can find all kinds of delicious cookies at Downtown Flagstaff bakeries.  We never track how many cookies you eat!


If you have any questions about this Cookie Policy, please contact us at [email protected].