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Airport Improvement Projects Scheduled for this Year

Flagstaff Pulliam Airport (FLG) experienced its third busiest year for passenger travel in 2022. Eager to keep up with the growing demand of passenger travel, as well as serving as the hub for passenger, air freight, public safety flights and other transportation services in Northern Arizona, FLG has multiple improvement projects planned in 2023 to continue to meet the needs of residents and visitors.

The most noticeable change at FLG in 2023 will be the opening of an additional parking lot and implementation of a paid parking system. The additional lot adds 413 parking spaces, which will more than double the current parking capacity. Committed to remain the best option for Northern Arizona travelers, parking fees will remain low, at $7 per day in the Terminal Lot (existing lot) and $5 per day in the Economy Lot (new lot), with the addition of the first hour free so airport business, pick up and drop off can happen.

Revenue generated from the paid parking system will be used to cover the cost of construction, fund future maintenance and increase parking enforcement. It’s important to note that the idea of a paid parking system was based on the need to have parking available for all patrons and to keep them from parking on our land or in areas that are dangerous. An exact date for the opening of the new parking lot and paid parking system has not been set but is anticipated in late spring. The airport website flyflagstaffaz.com will provide updates as opening and implementation nears.

Renovations throughout the terminal also will be noticeable, with work beginning this winter on roof repairs, door replacements and exterior painting. This summer, flooring will be replaced, along with interior painting and the replacement of the fire sprinkler system. All renovation will be funded through the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act.

The airport runway will also be part of this year’s scheduled maintenance improvements. The runway is scheduled to be closed from midnight July 9 through midnight July 15, for pavement maintenance in partnership with the Arizona Department of Transportation as part of the Airport Pavement Management System program. Commercial passenger service and fixed-wing aircraft operations will be unavailable during the closure, though helicopter operations will continue.

Flagstaff Pulliam Airport continues to pursue additional air carriers to provide more commercial service to Flagstaff. The nationwide pilot shortage has impacted FLG, with United Airlines discontinuing service at the end of 2022. Airlines have pulled
pilots from regional flights to replace their retiring mainline pilots with no pool of pilots to fly regional routes.

“We are excited about all the improvements that will be happening throughout the airport in 2023,” said Airport Director Barney Helmick. “Flagstaff Pulliam Airport is already an attractive destination to a new air carrier due to our high passenger numbers on flights, but the additional improvements will make us an even stronger candidate for expanding air service.”

Currently, American Airlines provides service to Flagstaff Pulliam Airport with daily flights to Phoenix and Dallas/Fort Worth. 

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