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Security Badging

How tenants, staff and vendors may apply for a badge at Flagstaff Pulliam Airport

Safety and security is the top priority at the Flagstaff Pulliam Airport. There are multiple layers of security, including the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), onsite local law enforcement officers (LEOs), and Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighters (ARFF). 

FLG staff encourages all visitors to keep an eye out for suspicious activity and to report anything that seems out of place to a LEO, TSA officer, or airport representative. 

The airport provides various levels of security badges to its general aviation tenants, business partners, employees, and contractors. To apply for a badge, please reach out to the airport administrative office for specific details.

General steps to receive a badge

  1. Make an appointment to come to the airport.
  2. Request and complete an AOA or SIDA application.
  3. Bring the following items to the airport administrative office:
    a. Two forms of unexpired and undamaged identification documents from the list of accepted documents (found on page 6 of the application). Make sure that the names on your documents match. They must all be in your legal name.
    b. Fingerprint clearance card and fingerprint application if required.
  4. Wait for background check clearance.
  5. Complete additional training, if required.
  6. Pick up security badge from administrative office when notified it is ready.

Frequently Asked Questions

Office hours are Monday – Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Please call 928-213-2930 to schedule an appointment.

Time to complete the badging process varies but generally takes 1 – 2 weeks depending on the level of security badge you applied for, how many applications are being processed, and how fast you clear the TSA security threat assessment. Once your badge is ready for pick up you will be notified via email. There is currently no fee for your badge.

Please reach out to the airport staff. All hangar tenants who are being sponsored or in a partnership with a lease holder will need to have the lease-holder contact the airport to confirm the badge-holder is still approved for a badge.

Your badge will be disabled at the time of lease cancellation or at end of employment. Your badge must be returned to the Airport Administrative Office to stop billing on your hangar lease or returned to your employer on your last working day.