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Dining and Amenities

Make your journey through FLG as enjoyable as possible


The airport restaurant is currently closed pending the selection of a new concessionaire.

Vending machines can be found next to the airline ticket counter and in the secure area once you pass through the TSA Checkpoint.

Air Cafe Dining area at Flagstaff Airport
Passengers using phones inside Flagstaff Airport

Free WiFi

Flagstaff Pulliam Airport provides complimentary Wi-Fi throughout the terminal. The name of the network is FlagAirport-Wifi.

ATM At FLG Airport Terminal


There is an Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) located on the first floor of the terminal, adjacent to the Air Café.

Bike storage at the Flagstaff Airport terminal

Bike Storage

Thirteen bike racks and four bike lockers are available at FLG, free of charge and on a first-come, first-served basis. The racks and lockers are located on the north end of the terminal, between the building and the rental car parking area.

Thank you for always flying Flagstaff airport sign

Charging Stations

Recharge on the go: free charging stations are available at select locations throughout the terminal.

Man and dog in FLG airport terminal

Flagstaff Friends

Travelers are in for a treat when visiting the airport on Fridays. Flagstaff local Evan Thompson roams the airport with his therapy dog, Dusty. The two love to greet our passengers and provide a fun experience for all ages.

The Coconino Scroll

A public art pathway fence with footnotes connecting the Economy Parking Lot to the Terminal.

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Exercise Bikes at FLG Airport

Pedal-Powered Chargers

Human-powered bicycle charging stations turn energy use into energy generation. Located upstairs, users simply sit on the unit, plug in the electronic device they need to charge, and begin to pedal.
Drinking fountain and bottle filler at FLG Airport terminal

Water Bottle Filling Stations

A water bottle filling station is available post security, near the restrooms in the departure lounge. Simply bring an empty water bottle through the security checkpoint and refill for free before you fly.