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Why Fly FLG?

Grand Destinations

Flagstaff Pulliam Airport is nestled within the world’s largest contiguous Ponderosa Pine Forest and the gateway to all grand destinations in Northern Arizona. We are the closest commercial airport to the Grand Canyon, as well as a central travel distance to other destinations including Sedona, Horseshoe Bend, Vermilion Cliffs National Monument, and Antelope Canyon, making our location perfect for travelers exploring our vast landscapes!

While flying Flagstaff is ideal for those traveling to visit our natural wonders, flying FLG also provides local travelers with other advantages. Flagstaff Airport provides service to more than 100,000 passengers a year with American Airlines, which serves two major travel hubs: Phoenix, AZ and Dallas-Fort Worth, TX. American Airlines provide daily nonstop flights to these connective hubs so travelers can easily get to their final destinations. Flying FLG, compared to Phoenix or Las Vegas, reduces the cost of gas, parking, potential lodging, and most importantly, valuable time! 

Flying FLG also promotes future growth for Flagstaff. Air transportation facilitates tourism, which positively impacts local businesses by supporting an estimated 8,000 jobs and generating millions for our local economy. When choosing to fly FLG, it demonstrates that there is a need and desire for air travel in and out of Flagstaff. Filling seats on current flights is the only way that additional routes and airlines will be added to FLG. The ease of traveling in and out of FLG cannot be beat. Thank you for flying local.