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Frequently Asked Questions

Quick responses to common questions

General Questions:

The terminal opens 2 hours before the first flight of the day and will close once everyone from the last flight has left the building.

The airlines sometimes refer to Flagstaff Pulliam Airport as Grand Canyon Village for marketing purposes, since FLG is the closest commercial airline airport to the Grand Canyon (90 minute drive from Flagstaff to the Grand Canyon). There is an airport at the Grand Canyon, but it does not offer airline services at this time. Make sure your ticket indicates FLG as your departing or arriving location to confirm that it is Flagstaff Pulliam Airport.

Depending on where you’ve left an item, you will need to contact either the airport, the airline, or the rental company. More details on lost items can be found here.

Food and drink for all ages is available at the airport’s Air Café. There are also vending machines available within the gate hold area.

The airport’s Administrative Office hours are Monday through Friday from 7:00 am – 4:00 pm (excluding holidays). The best way to contact the airport is at 928-213-2930. Please leave a message if someone doesn’t answer. If you need to stop by the Administration office, please schedule an appointment ahead of time.

The airport terminal address is:

6200 S. Pulliam Dr.
Flagstaff, AZ 86005

FLG is located off of I-17, Exit 337.
Head east on J. W. Powell Blvd. and turn south onto S. Pulliam Dr.

The airport does not offer this service at this time.

As recommended by the airlines, passengers should arrive at the airport a minimum of 90 minutes before their flight.

The airport does not provide transportation services. There are, however, many transportation options to choose from. For more details, please visit the ground transportation page.

Flight Questions:

A state or federally issued ID is required to pass through security. Please visit the TSA FAQ’s page for additional information.

In the event that you lose or do not have a valid identification, you may still be allowed to fly. For the official rules, please see the TSA website.

Wheelchair assistance is provided by the airlines and passengers must make reservations in advance to use the service. Please contact your airline before your trip to make a reservation.

Each airline has its own baggage restrictions and rules. For the most up-to-date luggage rules, please contact your airline.

TSA regulates items that are or are not permitted onto an aircraft. Please visit the following link for further details. What Can I Bring?

Parking Questions:

FLG offers affordable paid parking options. Please visit our parking page for further details.

There is not currently any maximum limit to parking; however, the airport asks travelers that will be leaving a vehicle for more than 2 weeks to inform Airport Administration. Please visit our parking page for further information.

General Aviation:

There are not currently any available plane rental spaces at FLG. To get on the storage waitlist, please fill out the application. For more information, please contact Airport Administration at 928-213-2930 or [email protected].

For detailed information on badging, please visit the badging page.

The Flagstaff Pulliam Airport requires a 30-day written notice for vacating hangars and tie downs. Please see your lease agreement for more detailed information or contact Airport Administration at 928-213-2930 or [email protected].