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Flagstaff Pulliam Airport enhances travel experience with new paid parking system and economy lot

Flagstaff Pulliam Airport (FLG) is pleased to announce the implementation of a new paid parking system, accompanied by the opening of the Economy Lot. The additional parking capacity aims to provide a smoother and more convenient experience for travelers, offering ample parking space and affordable rates. The opening of the additional Economy Lot more than doubles the airport’s parking.

The newly opened Economy Lot boasts 413 additional parking spaces, effectively addressing the previous limitations experienced during peak travel times. Travelers can now easily find a parking spot upon arrival, alleviating any concerns about availability. As part of FLG’s commitment to keeping travel costs low, the first hour of parking is complimentary, and each additional hour is priced at a nominal fee of $2. The maximum daily rate for the Economy Lot is set at $6, while the Terminal Lot is priced at $8 per day. Weekly rates for the Economy Lot are set at $36, with the Terminal Lot priced at $48.

The revenue generated from the paid parking system will be allocated towards the debt service for the construction of the new parking lot, as well as ongoing operational and maintenance needs. Card payments will be accepted both within the terminal at payment kiosks and at the exit points of the parking lots. Parking enforcement will be managed by ParkFlag.

Airport Director Brian Gall expressed his enthusiasm for the new parking system, stating, “The implementation of paid parking is part of our emphasis on making traveling through the airport convenient for our customers. During peak travel times, parking was limited and finding a parking space wasn’t always guaranteed. This system has enabled the construction of our new Economy Lot, which more than doubles the previous parking capacity and will allow for a smoother experience for travelers. Keeping parking rates low was important to us, and with our affordable rates, flying from Flagstaff remains the most convenient option for northern Arizona travelers.”

The implementation of the paid parking system coincides with the reopening of the runway at Flagstaff Pulliam Airport, following a scheduled closure from midnight on July 9, 2023, to midnight on July 15, 2023, for runway pavement maintenance. The pavement maintenance work was completed in collaboration with the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) Airport Pavement Management System program. The work was completed several hours ahead of schedule, with the runway reopening afternoon on July 15. Regular sealing and maintenance are essential to ensure the longevity of the asphalt surface.