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Flagstaff Pulliam Airport Holiday Travel Tips

Ahead of the upcoming holiday season, Flagstaff Pulliam Airport reminds travelers to arrive 90 minutes before departure to ensure a seamless experience during this busy travel period. New airline regulations do not allow passengers to check in or check bags less than 45 minutes before domestic departures or one hour for international travelers.

“New regulations require strict cut off times for checked baggage to run required reports regarding aircraft weight prior to take off,” said Barney Helmick, Flagstaff Pulliam Airport Director. “Flying out of Flagstaff is a seamless option for your holiday travel and we thank folks for flying Flagstaff.”

Travelers can track flight, arrival, and departure statuses online at flyflagstaffaz.com. Holiday parking is free and both the Terminal and Overflow Lots are open. When parking, please park within parking spaces, not on landscaping or along curbs or you could be towed. Paid parking will be implemented in May 2023.